Ashley Oil Company -- Part 1

In late September I received an email from Will Ashley, grandson of George Coleman Ashley who was raised in Fairmont. Will asked if I would be interested in some photos from Fairmont that were made during the 1930s. Naturally I jumped at the chance for more history photos.

About a week later he sent me the picture below and told me that he would send more when he returned to visit his mother. If those photos are anything like the one below, I look forward to getting them!

I have not yet done appropriate research but I "think" that the man pictured is Frank Ashley, who owned Ashley Oil Company. Ashley Oil Company later became Fairmont Gas Company jointly owned by Frank Ashley and Guy McCormick.

I hope that there is more to follow from Will Ashley and I am certain that it will add to our body of knowledge of Fairmont in the 1930s and 1940s.

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