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This photograph has caused me to do more research than it really warrants. The photo was miscaptioned when it appeared in the Times-Messenger on March 3, 1955 as being from the "Stinson Institute" which sat where the municipal building now is located. I cannot locate all the names of the schools run there after Ashpole Institute closed. One was "Ashpole Academy", but there were others. Gus Floyd ran it for a couple of years but I have never encountered a name for the school. However, this is the music class from one of the schools.

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Front row, l/r - Eva Thompson, Annie McCoin, Christine Jones, Gertie Brown, Bessie Grantham, Eufa Ashley. Second row: Bert Pittman, Guy Pittman, Mary Inman, Miss Alice Taylor (teacher), Nina Lawlor, Teddy Thompson, Elmer Pittman. Third row: Clyde Andrews, Vickie Inman, Mamie Kyle, Lennie Lawlor, Gillian Mitchell. Fourth row: Maggie Pittman, Encie McKenzie, Maggie Floyd, Mae Thompson, Newton Lawlor, Carl Thompson. Photo credit: Charles Williamson, Frances McNeill Williamson history collection, used with permission.

This is a photograph of Miss Reba Aulsby's class, a first and second grade combination, in about 1915. Some of the names of the students you may recognize.

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Boys, seated (l/r) Louis Pittman, Howard Lewis, Robert Lee, Justin Byrd, Mason Sykes, Joseph Mitchell. Boys, kneeling, Bernard Ward, Lester Mitchell, Arnold Whitfield, Louis Stanfield. Standing, Katherine Walters, Corrina Jerald, Cora Keeter, Eula Mae Nelson, Alton Watts, Margaret Thompsonn, Gary Lewis, Rosa Smith, Mary Tranham, Charlie McGowan, Frank Lee Blue Jr., Charlie Pulley, Miss Aulsby, Wilbert Bullock, George Spivey, Harold Jones, Aredell Byrne, Layton Thompsonn, Miriam Watson, Edward Smith, Margaret Stubbs, Sue Ashley, Kathleen McDaniel, Margie Floyd, Sadie Lewis, Louise Stanley, Nell Floyd, Mildred Pearson, Mildred Mitchell. Photo credit: Robert O. Floyd family archive, used with permission.

This is a photograph of the faculty at Fairmont School. The precise year is unknown but it is about 1910. Professor Jones is the principal and Miss Agnes Ashley is on the back row, third from left.

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Professor Jones and faculty, Fairmont School. Photo credit: Barbara Floyd Jenkins, used with permission.


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