More Early Fairmont Photographs

These photographs were found and made available by Bridgit Brice Bass and Leamon Brice, great grandchildren of Will Brown (shown below). The photo of South Eastern Lumber Company is the only one that I have ever seen of this early Fairmont industry.


This is one of a very few photographs of Dr. John P. Brown, the earliest real estate developer in the area. He is shown here in front of his father's house on Cottage Street somewhere around 1900, maybe just a bit earlier.

2018 0203 01

This is the full photograph from which the above photo is lifted. Dr. J. B. Brown is second from the left and Dr. J. P. Brown is on the extreme right. The estimated date of this photo is 1897 to 1900.

2018 0203 05

This is the only photograph that I have ever seen of the South Eastern Lumber Company. It was located in the general area north and east of the present-day Public Works facility for the Town of Fairmont. Shown in the center is Will Brown, brother of Dr. J. P. Brown, who was an inspector for the lumber company until about 1903. The other two men are not identified. The Southeastern Railroad siding track is shown in the foreground.


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