Fairmont Light & Power Company

By mid-1913 the community began expressing a desire to be more modern and up to date. A few locals had travelled extensively and had seen how other communities had grown after electrifying and wished that for Fairmont.

On September 10, 1913 the Fairmont Light and Power Company was organized. Officers were A. L. Jones, President; J. P. Brown, Vice President; E. V. McDaniel, Secretary/Treasurer. Construction work was begun in October by C. W. Petty of Greensboro, an electrical engineer. The plant was fully operational by February 1, 1914 and generated 80 Kilowatts of electric power using a diesel engine made by Skinner Engine Company which drove a Fairbanks-Morse alternator.

By mid-August, Almost all of the homes and businesses in town were furnished with electricity and the streets downtown were lighted as well. E. V. McDaniel was tasked with day-to-day operations and Glyn Ashley was the engineer.

The townspeople were delighted.


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