J. D. McLean & Co.

The J. D. McLean & Co. was opened by J. D. McLean and J. W. Carter of Maxton, NC in January, 1904 occupying two buildings constructed specifically for them by Dr. John P. Brown and I. M. Thompson. McLean came to Ashpole from Raynam where he was junior partner and manager of that store. After two years they moved the business here as J. D. McLean & Co.

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J. D. McLean, Photo credit: Lumberton Argus archive.

They opened with a complete line of dry goods, clothing, notions, millinery, shoes, hats, books, stationery, carpets, matting, furniture, groceries, harnesses, stoves, wagons, carts, country produce, bagging and ties, crockeryware, glassware, hardware, plows, caskets, coffins and funeral supplies totaling at least $15,000 in value. McLean was a cotton broker and real estate investor and salesman as well. His estate value was estimated at $300,000.

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Double building occupied by J. D. McLean & Co. Photo credit: Lumberton Argus archive.

John Daniel McLean, age 49, died February 28, 1918 of stomach cancer after an illness of six weeks. He was a director of the Bank of Fairmont, Master of Fairmont Lodge No. 528 and mayor of the town. The business was liquidated in early 1919.

In March, 1919, Fairmont Supply Company was formed by H. G. Stubbs, A. L. Jones, W. N. Hubbard, F. L. Blue, C. A. Floyd and R. O. Pitman with W. N. Hubbard as the general manager. It occupied the same two buildings on Main Street.


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