Jake Shocket

Jake Shocket was Sam Dunie's nephew as his mother was Sam's sister. When Jake's father died, Mrs. Shocket, Jake and Jake's older brother William moved to Fairmont and lived with the Dunies. After a few years Mrs. Shocket returned to Baltimore to live with other relatives, William moved to Chicago to work while Jake remained in Fairmont, working for his Uncle Sam. Eventually he became the manager of the business and remained there until it closed in 1940 due to Sam's illness.

With no other opportunities, Jake bought a dry cleaners and began a second successful career as a businessman. He was active in civic affairs, becoming a charter member of the Fairmont Civitan Club and championing its projects. He married Mindexter Long of Rutherfordton, who was a faculty member at Fairmont School. He loved basketball and always carried a crowd with him to the Dixie Classics in Raleigh. His Civitan activities ranged from the original Farmers Day to Little League baseball, both organized and run by the Fairmont Civitans. Jake was the last charter member remaining in the club and, shortly before his death the club held a Jake Shocket Day and dedicated their remodeled clubhouse to him. Jake died in 1978. Mrs. Shocket remained in Fairmont for a time but eventually returned to her home in Rutherfordton to live with her sister.


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