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This photograph is used courtesy of Mary Tew, whose dad appears in the bottom right area.

Site Notes and Tips - January 16,2019

Today's Update (1/16/2019) - Today's update features Ansie Williams and her Town & Country Shop, a ladies clothing business which began in 1944. Features one photograph and is located under History.

Previous Update (12/10/2018) - Today's update is a short one with one photo. It is located under History and is titled Ashley Oil Company - Part 1.

Previous Update (11/2/2018) - Today's update is about the senior class at Fairmont High School in 1944 and includes one photograph.

Previous Update (10/30/2018) - This update shows the extent of the effort to "sell" rationing and sacrificing for the war effort to the American public. It features 33 posters from that time and is located under "History."

Previous Update (10/29/2018) - This update tells of Fairmont native Linwood Floyd winning the Silver Star. Two photos are included. The article is located under "History."

Previous Update (10/26/2018) - This update features American Tobacco Company's Lucky Strike ad that highlighted Fairmont (photo of ad included). This article is located under "History."

Previous Update (10/25/2018) - This update provided an introduction to food rationing by the US Government during World War II and include two information poster from that period.

Previous Update (10/24/2018) - This update provides an overview of the US Government's early World War II rationing beginning January 1, 1942 and is located under "History." Sorry, no photos for this one.

Previous Update (10/23/2018) - Today's update provides another glimpse of downtown Fairmont, this time in the 1939-40 era. Eight photographs are included. This post is found under "History."



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