1918 Fairmont Maps

In March, 1918, the Sanborn Map Company of New York City published a map of Fairmont. Done for fire insurance purposes for a company or companies unknown, it showed all downtown buildings, inticated whether they were wooden or brick veneer, and showed where the large water lines were located. This map provides a look into how the downtown area has developed but it also created some historical uncertainties. More on that later.

Click on each link to view the map, which is done in three parts. If the image file is too large to fit on your screen. hold down the [Ctrl] key and press the minus key [-] until it looks correct for you.

[Map 1]  [Map 2]  [Map 3]

You may notice that certain streets are not completed, for example, Walnut Street stops at Red Cross Street and goes no farther. You can, however, see where certain landmarks were located 100 years ago.

Use of this map is made possible by and with the permission of the NC Digital Archives, Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill.


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